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Life is such an interesting mystery that leads us to so many different places,  situations and circumstances.  It’s like a huge roller coaster with everyone in it at the same time.  Some are there in your ups and some in your downs. If you ate lucky enough you have the same people around through out your ride.

Life is also like a puzzle scattered into thousands or actually millions of pieces.  Day by day or moment by moment we pick them up and place them together to fit perfectly.  The only difference being we don’t know what we are building…our future, our story.

Life can be seen as a book.  A chapter book with many pages. Like every book, this book will also have an end.  Sometimes we don’t want a chapter to end but we are forced to accept it.  Sometime we can’t wait to skip and go onto the next but find ourselves still deep in it.  We are the ones who set the tone of our book through our eyes and how we see things.

I’ve heard a saying that this life compared to life after death is like one drop of water and the ocean.  Our life right now just one drop. What are we doing with that one drop.

It’s upsetting to see all the destruction and hate around the world as the day goes by.  I really hope and pray people around the world come to realize our temporary life here and create the best book,  puzzle and ride for themselves.