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I wonder what God thinks of us.  He has given us “humans”, so many blessings to enjoy and treasure our limited time here as guests.  Yet we waste our time in arguments,  hate,  violence and war.  Why can’t we see each other as brothers and sisters.  Moreover as partners in this world. As important pieces of a working clock. Where each piece no matter how big or small is essential for the functionality of it as a whole.  Recognizing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, help build each other up rather than tearing each other down.  It is not hard to see that the only person we are hurting are ourselves when we don’t. 

There is countless beauty in nature. Every where I look there is God’s perfection in everything.  Gosh I’m sure there is so much more that my eyes are unable to see, my ears unable to hear,  my hands unable to touch and my mouth unable to taste.  I would like to spend my time here enjoying and being thankful for everything I have. 

I truly want to believe that there is humanity left in this world.  The world I’m raising my children in.  I want to raise them loving and respecting everyone around regardless of faith and race.  To work hard bettering themselves first then their community and hopefully soon to follow the world.  We shouldn’t complain and expect others to change the world, we should first change ourselves and slowly work outwards.  Collectively we can.  In the process cherishing every moment in this amazing earth we all call home.