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How do we react to someone saying sorry? Apologizing for something they have done. 
Scenarios I can think of:
1. Accepting the apology, truly forgiving them and moving on.
2. Accepting the apology, not forgiving them and not letting go. 
3. Not accepting the apology and cutting them off.
4. Not accepting the apology and distancing yourself from them.

I think most of us have gone through most of the above scenarios. I think the closer we are to someone the harder it is to forgive and move on.  Same can be said for bigger the hurt harder the forgiveness. 

When someone approaches you to apologize, they have gone through:
A. Realizing their mistake
B. Realizing your worth in their lives
C. Breaking their ego and proudness down
D. Willingness to change themselves.

I believe everyone deserves another chance.  We all are human and make mistakes.  Wouldn’t we want to be forgiven and our faults to be overlooked? Of course we would.  Why not do it with others? If we expect God to forgive us then shouldn’t we show the same mercy to other human beings, in hope that God will forgive ours. 

I’m not saying I have perfected the “art of forgiving” but at least trying to forgive and forget.  At the end of the day, I am only helping myself gain peace and tranquility in my life by forgiving others.