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Birthday.  So much excitement and happiness comes with that one word.  The Day we entered this world, making 2 people proud parents-with so much hope, ambition and love in their eyes. All the while us being totally unaware of who we are,  where we are born,  who we are born to…

Day by day,  month by month and year by year, we go through life, living in this world and going through the changes and stages in our lives that builds us and shapes us to whom we are suppose to become. 

I look forward to my birthdays and enjoy celebrating it not because of the presents and parties (my answer probably few years back) but because of whom I’m becoming.  Every year I get a chance to improve myself by gaining more knowledge and experiences. Hopefully each year getting wiser and appreciative of life and things that really matters.

I hope this coming year I can become more grateful and love myself more.  Don’t settle for just anything.  Know what I want and go and get it.  Keep in touch and make extra effort with my family. I would like to give more back to society especially sick kids and orphans.  Showing God gratitude by giving back to the poor and hungry. 
Most importantly take better care of myself by exercising and eating right. 

I would like to look back and see myself growing spiritually and mentally even though my body will be getting weaker.  I would like to see my kids grow into beautiful beings and hopefully live to see my grand kids.  Also, being proud of how I handled life and situations thrown my way while being grateful and appreciative of every loss and gain. 

Getting older for me means I have lived, loved and lost many things in my life.  Only to come out stronger and wiser.