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What is an ideal family? What is a normal family? How can my family be the ideal family? Why can’t my family be a normal family? At one point or another we all have asked ourselves this or have thought about it.

Ideal and normal families don’t exist.  There is no such thing as an ideal and a normal family. All our families are unique in their own way. No two human beings are the same, how can the families be? We need to accept that fact. We need to stop trying to be the perfect family next door.  Who decides what a perfect family is? Who defines the ideal family? For me the perfect and the ideal family is a family that knows and accepts the faults and shortcomings of its members and strives to deal with their problems in an ideal way. That is what life is about right?

Personal, financial, marital problems, in laws issues, sibling rivalries, parent’s issues, children issues, loss in the family, health issues…can go on and on.  These issues are thrown our way, we don’t choose them. But what we do choose is how we handle them. Success in family life comes down to how we as a family deal with these situations the best we can. So at the end of it all, we can truly say that was a life worth living.