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We all have experienced some sort of grief and sadness. Part of life and part of living in this world. Some days are joyous and full of hope followed soon by days of sadness and grief. How do we deal with sadness, grief and depression? We all have experienced these emotions through out our lives. How do we get back from depression? I am not saying I have the answer to this but I know what helped me overcome sadness and grief.

Expectations. Not to expect anything from anyone! Not even God. We are digging ourselves a hole if we are doing so.  Gratitude.  Showing gratitude to God and people for things they have done and given to us.

Expectations from people—From your kids to spouse to parents to friends, our day to day relationships. This is really hard not do so.  Especially if we put so much effort and time into them. Instead of expecting them to be a certain way and doi certain things, why not train ourselves not to  instead. See, without expectations you have nothing to compare it to. Without expectations, you don’t have anything to look forward to. Instead whatever they do for you, it brings you happiness and joy.

Expectation from God—We all agree, God controls everything and everyone around us. Everything we have and given to us is by him.  He controls us and our situations.  I’ve heard this many times: “We plan and then HE plans”.  This is not to say, we should just sit and wait for things to come us. No, we should try and put our best efforts forward and give it all. Regardless of the result, we need to realize and believe that God will not let our efforts go to waste, also he is the best of the planners, his plan is better than mine.  Looking back into my life, I have faced many hurdles and hiccups along the way but I also have seen those same hurdles and hiccups turn into blessings later on.

Gratefulness.  Being thankful and grateful to people and God.  Showing appreciation to people, not only brings 2 people closer but also encourages others to do more for the other.  Same goes with God. No matter what we are going through, showing him patience and thanking him for what we have, will only increase his blessings towards us. Parent-child relationship is a perfect example.  We go out of our way to do anything and everything for our children and only wanting the best.  One child is grateful and happy with what we have and the other is always upset, sad and wanting more. Who will we feel more inclined to do more for? Same goes with our relationship with God.

I have learned happiness in life is in expecting less and thanking more.