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I have seen a mother losing her child to cancer. I have seen the parents burying their life in the ground and walking away. You can tell by their faces, they are totally broken down from the inside out.  Her eyes were filled with sorrow but the smile was there the whole time.  The mother was keeping her promise to her child that she wouldn’t cry at the funeral.

I heard them say: They are with God now. Playing and running under his care. Waiting for us to join them, so that they can hold our finger and enter paradise together to live there for forever together. So truly beautiful.

So much courage, so much strength after such a heavy loss.  It breaks my heart to see them in that state.  What keeps them going is HOPE. Hope that they will one day see their child again. Hope that the child is in a better place now. Hope that God is taking care of them now.  Hope that this is all part of God’s plan for the best. Which I am sure it definitely is.

HOPE is truly amazing. Without hope not sure where humans will be. Hope keeps us alive and going. No matter how tough and long road is ahead of us, knowing there will be light after the tunnel keeps us going.  That wanting and hope to see the light carries us through life.