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Bee? Why Bee? Such a small creature that goes unnoticed, shooed away and taken granted for. Sometimes us humans can learn a lot from nature and its inhabitants. Living in the city and the hustle and bustle that comes with it, we forget how our lives are intertwined with nature, and so much can be learned from it, if we just stop, think and reflect.

What can we learn from the bee?

One of the major roles of a Bee is to pollinate. Pollination is important to us in more than one way. It gives us fruits, chocolate and coffee to enjoy and of course lovely flowers to admire.

If we payed closer attention to the whole pollination process and the bee, there are many lessons we can extract from it.

1. The Bee starts off with searching for the freshest, purest and cleanest flower it can   find. It stays away from the fallen, bad or a flower that has already been visited.

What can we learn from this?

We should learn and try to be high achievers and not settle for anything we come across.  We should put our best effort forward and try to perfect whatever we are doing.

2. So now that the Bee spots the flower and goes to sit on it, it makes sure it “sits” well on it, not to damage it in anyway. While the bee is on the flower, they give it pollen which is the flower’s seed. They will not go to the flower until they give the flower a lot more than they take from it. A lot more than they will take. They will give it life, they will give it pollen.

What can we learn from this?

Us humans are made of relationships.  We all have relationships in which we give and take. Let it be a parent and child, teacher and student, wife and husband, friend and friend.  In these relationships we need to be mindful not to take more than we can give and leave them being better off than before. When we do take, make sure it is not too much on the other person so as to break them.   Don’t put too much pressure on the other person by your demands.  If you are demanding make sure, you are first to give and bring more to the table, before you start demanding.

3. While searching for the flower, by smelling the Bee figures out that this flower belongs to a different hive and stays away from it. If it did, the flower would die.

What can we learn from this?

Minding our own business. Staying away fro what is of others and making something of your own rather than taking form others to fulfill your own desires.

4. When the Bee has found the flower it does the so called “bee dance”.  Where it dances to let the hive know the direction to the flower. Most of the times the flowers are miles and miles away. It lets the other bees know, where to find it.

What can we learn from this?

Cooperation rather than competition. Letting others benefit from what you know and have. By doing so, you are building a healthy community.

A lot more can be learned from this. We are living in times of greed and severe cut throat competition. Just realizing we all play a vital part in this world. We all should build each other up rather than tearing each other down. We can learn all this my a little creature called “the Bee”.