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Apparently according to UN  2015 is the year of the Lights. In this article,  you have mixture of both natural and man made illuminating lights from around the world.  I chose the natural ones as my top 3.

1. Aurora, Abisko, Sweden

The northern lights shimmer right across the polar regions – if solar activity is particularly exuberant you might even glimpse the lights as far south as Scotland. But, really, to maximise your chances of seeing aurora action, head for Abisko’s Aurora Skystation, nearly 200km north of the Arctic Circle and a long way from pretty much anything else. The surrounding mountains keep the skies almost always clear – light pollution is zero – and long winter nights provide the perfect black canvas for the heavenly glow.


2. Glowworms, Waitomo, New Zealand

Descend into the Waitomo Caves on New Zealand’s North Island to meet Arachnocampa  luminosa. Lots of them. Glowworms thrive here and while these slimy bugs don’t look so pretty when the lights are on, in the dark they sparkle like Christmas. Float through one of Waitomo’s caverns, by boat or by inflatable tube, and it’s like being in a fairytale: the 300-million-year-old labyrinth seems to have a ceiling of stars. That the gleam comes from a chemical reaction designed to lure in prey doesn’t decrease the magic.


3. Midnight sun, Svalbard, Norway
Wish there were more hours in the day? No problem, plan a summer trip to Svalbard. Nudging the North Pole, this Arctic archipelago has long, dark, gloomy winters but makes up for it come spring: in the capital Longyearbyen the midnight sun lasts from 15 April to 26 August. That’s more than four months of relentless rays, the sun never dipping below the horizon. Make the most of all this light – once the seas are accessible (usually from June), board an expedition cruise and spend the wee hours on deck watching calving glaciers, grunting walruses and polar bears patrolling the pack ice. Wild nights indeed.

There is no ferry service between Svalbard and Norway; Longyearbyen is served by flights from Oslo.


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