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As a parent our kids are our number 1 priority.  If they hurt we hurt.  We would take the pain and hurt on ourselves to protect them.  Unfortunately,  we can’t always do so.  Having a Sick Child is one of the toughest thing a parent can go through.  Seeing a child in the hospital breaks my heart.  We should take time away from our lives and give back.

Below are a list of things we can do to give back:

1. No sew fleece blankets are great.  Easy enough to get your kids involved and have them take part. Will also make them aware of helping other kids in need.

2. Busy books- rip pages from coloring books staple the pages together then tape 3-4 crayons on the front page.

3. Collect change from Neighbors,  friends and family. Donate the change to one of the hospitals.

4. Cards for the kids at the hospital.  Some hospitals have ECards service available online.

5. Some hospitals let you come visit and plan an arts and crafts activities with the kids.  This of course depends on the sickness and health of the child.
—-Get Do it Yourself pots.  Where you can design your own pots,  just the way you like them.  Child can watch the plant grow at their stay at the hospital and hopefully take it home with them.
—-Do it Yourself Frames. They can decorate the frames and have their family’s picture placed inside.
—-design your own pillow case.  You can donate white pillow cases with fabric markers and paint.
—-Jewelry making kits. Especially for girls.  Available in many variety.

6. Donating board and card games.  Classic games like connect 4, Life, Monopoly.  Will sure bring a smile.

7. Hospitals a lot times welcome community group projects.  Where your group can make and donate items.  Such as: dolls, teddy bears blankets.

8. Volunteering with organizations such as: Project Sunshine – A non profit organization to educate and bring back sunshine in kids’ lives.


9. You can also host a party or hire entertainment for the kids.  To put smiles on their faces.  For example: Clowns, balloon artists…

10. Volunteering your time. Sometimes all they need is someone to talk to and give them company.  This includes the child and the family.