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We as a family love road tripping. It helps us get closer and make memories. Searching for our next adventure, we came across “The Mighty 5” National park of Utah. It looks gorgeous and amazing. Can’t wait to go explore.

Just some of the highlights of the 5 parks, taken from this website:


Quick Video

“A trip to The Mighty 5® means watching the sunrise over the towering depths of Canyonlands National Park, then watching the sunset through an impossibly delicate rock bow in Arches National Park. It means standing nose-to-nose with ancient petroglyphs in Capitol Reef National Park, then lying on your back as a meteor shower streaks across the Milky Way. It means gazing down at coral-hued rock hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park, then gazing upward at the steep walls of a slot canyon in Zion National Park. It means hiking, river rafting, biking, picnicking, walking, mule riding, exploring and stargazing.”

On the website they have many useful information and different itineraries. I will pick “The Family Adventurer”

First Stop

Play Around Delicate Arch


The 1.5 mile hike over red rock ridges and through sandstone bowls is fun, but that final view of this famous landmark is what truly confirms its standing on every hiker’s bucket list. Even better, kids and kids at heart can scramble right under this spectacular arch. Experience more of Arches.

Second Stop

Raft the Colorado River

Canyonlands National Park, Utah, Red Rock, Mes Arch

The splashiest way to experience Canyonlands is on a guided raft trip (choose from one to seven days) down Cataract Canyon, which boasts dramatic scenery and thrilling whitewater rapids. It’s an adventure for children seven years and older.
Understand more about Canyonlands

Third Stop

Discover Ancient Petroglyphs


A rockin’ history lesson for kids of all ages! The Fremont people were ancient Native Americans who lived in the Capitol Reef area from 600 – 1300 A.D. Get up close and personal with their petroglyphs – drawings carved into rock – just east of the park Visitor Center. Immerse yourself in Capitol Reef.

Fourth Stop

Ride Beneath the Hoodoos


Saddle up for a guided mule ride to the pine-scented floor of Bryce Canyon, passing beneath the otherworldly rock formations called “hoodoos” along the way. It sounds like “voodoo” for reasons you’ll have to see to believe. Discover more of Bryce Canyon.

Things To Do

1. Hike into Mythology
Some indigenous people believed the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon are humans turned into stone.

2. See Thor’s Hammer in Person.

Fifth Stop
Explore The Narrows

Utah's National Parks Zion Banner

Enjoy one of the world’s best canyon hikes up the shallow Virgin River. Red rock canyon walls reach high into the desert sky above as you splash and stroll through the river’s cool waters.
Explore deeper into Zion Canyon.

Things To Do

1. The Watchman and Virgin River of Zion National Park
Take a short walk down to the Virgin River for this view of the park’s iconic guardian.

2. See the Moonrise in Zion National Park.

3. Hike The Narrows of Zion Canyon
One of the world’s premier hikes, The Narrows is an extraordinary trip through the Virgin River’s slot canyons. Take the paved, accessible Riverwalk or grab a pole and walk right.

Check this webiste for more details: