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We have all heard this before,  “no pain no gain”. I never really understood the whole meaning behind it,  when people said it to me.  I think I’m slowly realizing how true this statement is. 

We all have felt pain. I don’t think we leave earth without ever experiencing it.  It can be caused by many factors: people,  sickness,  childbirth,  injury to just name a few.  It is during and after the pain,  we realize so much about ourselves.  When in pain we appreciate and be thankful for what we had.  Only through pain can we truly come out as a stronger and a better person.  We need pain to appreciate life.  We need pain to give back.  We need to make us, us.
Child birth is a perfect example.  We carry a child for 9 months experience all sorts of pain. Every single part of our body aches and hurts. After 9 months of discomfort and pain,  we come to child birth. Well I don’t think I need to explain the excruciating pain women experience at that point.  What is the end result.  End result—-the blessing of motherhood. Mothering a child for the rest of your life.  No women will ever regret going through the pain and give it up for anything in this world. That pain mothers experience builds a bond with the child,  that is incomparable to any other bond in this world—-Mother child bond.  It is the pain that makes us realize the importance and value of it.

If pain brings about so much good change with in us and around us.  Then why are we scared of pain.  While in pain realizing it at that exact moment,  this pain will bring back goodness.  That pain becomes sweet and bearable.  That Yes, I can get through it and something better is waiting for me after it.  Look back in your life what pain hasn’t bought goodness after it. 
Pain will become a blessing,  if you only change the lens to which you are looking through.