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I hear this statement very often: “Life isn’t fair!” Sometimes I catch myself saying it as well.  Why do we expect it to be fair? How do we decide this so called fairness?

It all comes from comparing ourselves to others.  We look at what other people have and what we don’t have.

So let’s talk about “life”.  Life was given to us by God.  God chose our parents to bring us into this world.  Our parents’ genes decided who we will be–from our appearance,  to our personality,  to our intelligence to basically pretty much everything put together to make YOU.  Did we choose to be who we are? Who our family will be? Where we will be born? What socio economic status will we have?  No. We didn’t.  Didn’t choose any of the above.  Just like our genes are unique and different,  so in that same way our lives are as well.  We weren’t all given the same starting point. We weren’t all given the same opportunities,  personalities,  appearances and situations. So then how can I expect “my life” to be the same as yours? This expectation should never be there within us.  Just being born in a 1st world country is a blessing.  We are automatically given opportunities that many can only dream of. Yes life is unfair, cause we don’t have the power to decide the starting point.  Along with that we don’t decide the tests and tribulations coming our way either.
What I came to realize is that even though we don’t start at the same point in our lives, we at least strive for the same end point.  All our goal and finish line per say, is the same.

In this whole comparison of life, where we compare ourselves to others. Do we ever stop and think: Do I deserve any of these blessings gifted to me? No we don’t.  Countless blessings were just handed to me because God chose them for me.  Like he chose the tests and tribulations, he also blessed us ways to handle them.  We only compare the blessings with others not the tests and trials they are going through.  We all are fighting our own battles, which is unique and special to us.  In no way does it mean it’s lesser or easier than the other persons’.  It’s incomparable like life itself.