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I was introduced to blogging a while back, why did I start now?

Since the day I became a mother. My life changed literally overnight.  I had a tiny soul dependent on me.  I was given the responsibility for taking care of this innocent human being.  Realizing that I and the society they are raised in will affect who they are and what they will become.  Not only are they tiny beings once inside me are now living outside of me but also realizing the burden of motherhood.  Who they are to me? And what I mean for them?

I still remember the first time I held him in my arms and the smile he gave me.  I can’t explain the feeling of joy I had inside me.  The first time he held my pinky and wouldn’t let it go.  The awe I was in just staring at him,  perfect miracle and gift of God.

I created emails for both my kids.  Every step or every moment that I wanted to remember or share with them,  I quickly emailed them.  I want to share so much with them: Every lesson I learned or learning, every experiences I went through or going through. To teach them about life.  What to expect,  how to react to different situations.  Just so much. When they are young their need of you is more physical less emotional but as they grow older, it flips. They need more emotional support.

One of my friends recently passed away leaving behind a 4 year old and I believe a 6 year old.  I thought to myself that could easily be me.  Truth is we don’t know how long we will be on this world.  How long we will be able to take care of our kids.  If something were to happen to me.  They would have me, my thoughts with them as they grow older.  So this blog and my blogging serves that purpose for me.  Where I can note down, post, share my dreams and ideas.  My blog being a memoir for my loved ones than anything else.