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This is not a political discussion blog nor am I referencing any events.  Just pointing to what I have read and saw on people’s posts.  I logged onto Facebook, I was bombarded with awful news and ugly posts happening around the world.  Just not that, you click on the comments,  all you read are hateful and disrespectful comments from people.   Where the use of word killing and dying are used loosely.  Where war and causalities have becomejust numbers. That makes me wonder… Have we really lost the meaning of life? What kind of a world are we living in,  when human life isn’t valued.  Human life becomes just a number.  For example, When you see a death toll of a 100. We forget that each and everyone of that 100 people have loved ones.  They have a father,  mother and siblings.  They are someone’s father or mother or sibling.  For them,  that 1 out of 100, meant the world to them.  How much sorrow and pain comes with that 1 death.  Life of a human being is very precious,  no matter which side you are on.  Dying of 1 innocent person equals to death of humanity.  We need to build each other up,  help each other to enjoy this world.  Value and love each other.  Feeling each other’s pain.  Sharing and be caring towards each other.  We all deserve to live on earth with respect and dignity.  Is our God given right. 
We need to leave a better world for our future generations.  For truly right now,  I’m terribly scared of what is becoming of this planet earth.  Praying, praying really hard for world peace.