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Dear Daughter,

You will meet many people in your lives.  Some that will bring out the best in you and some the worst.  It’s sad but friends come and go.  Friendships and relationships change, it is part of life.  You need expect this and move on.

In your hard times look around,  whoever is there for you deserves you and your friendship.  For truly, in the toughest time people around you make all the difference.  During good times the whole world is around having fun with you but when you have some stick by you through the thin, don’t let them go.

Disagreements and times of disconnect is normal in friendships but it doesn’t mean end of relationships.  I see it more as a relationship going through another level,  where you are comfortable to speak your mind and know the other will understand.  Actually having these kind of people in your life is very refreshing. You can be yourself, say what you think without walls.  They love you cause of you not who are faking to be.

It is really important that you don’t take anything to heart.  Learn to hear from one ear and out the other. Even criticism, that could be them approaching you and trying to tell you something about yourself.  Hear them out.  Don’t take it too personally,  maybe God is sending them to you to correct your behavior.  Always listen with an open mind.  Criticism can sometimes be good for you.

Time will come when you feel let down from certain friends.  It will hurt especially if they are close to you.  Firstly, always remember the good in people and what they have done for you.  If a friend is not acting or behaving like herself,  there might be something else going on.  Secondly,  don’t judge or form any conclusions without first finding out all the facts.  Please don’t ever assume anything.  That will only create more rift between the two of you. I would never say to cut someone out of your life permanently. We all make mistakes.  One dayit could be you.  When that happens wouldn’t you want others to forgive you? Moreover God to? We are all humans trying to do our best.  Being merciful towards each other will only make us as a society stronger.  Same goes for friendship.  Letting things go between friends will only result in YOU being happy.

Give, give and give without expecting anything in return.  This can be said to other things as well, especially friendships.  Show your friends how much they mean to you.  Gifts, my mom use to say always cleans the heart out.  Giving gifts,  not only makes one feel special but it also creates a bond between 2 people.

Sometimes when people are in need or hurting they don’t ask for help.  As a good friend we need to recognize and pick up on these things and be there for each other.  A simple phone call or text,  saying: Hey,  you looked off today.  Everything ok? Trust me goes a long way.

Issues and problems are further created when instead going to that person we go to others.  Not only does it not help it includes others who have no business in the matter.  Seriously, we need to stop gossiping. Not only that, we need to stop listening to it as well.  In fact,  If that person is talking to you about someone,  it is only matter of time till you are talked about.

No creating groups or “clicks”. Always include others and never let anyone feel left out.  Just not worth hurting people’s feelings by making them feel lonely.

Give space in friendship.  I think this is very important in every relationship.  Give them a chance to miss you and your friendship.  Never get too close to one person. Have a few close friends you can rely upon to be there for you. Be the same for others as well.

Bottom line is: life is too short to distance, stop talking and being mean to one another.  It is never worth it at the end.  You really never know how long we or they are around in this world.  We should always try to leave happy and fun memories behind and a special place in everyone’s hearts.