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Someone asked me today—what do you think about Burger King and Tim Hortons merging?

What does Timmy’s mean to Canadians?

Timmy’s is more than a breakfast place or a restaurant for us. It is deeply rooted in our lives. It is part of Canada that is adored by all ages and races. Timmy’s coffee is more than a coffee its the moment you share with your loved one. Each sip taken reminds you or brings back memories that are very much cherished. Timmy’s coffee reminds me of my breakfast date with my Dad. That special moment shared between a daughter and father. Or a special bonding time spent with your siblings after so long, each having their favorite donut. Or a time spent with special college friends, taking a break from studies during exams, feeling nervous and anxious.  Or the first time I took my kids to Canada and had them try “timbits” for the first time. Them carrying it out the yellow box with a huge smile on their faces. Or the time when I go back to my parent’s house to visit after a long time, seeing Timmy’s French Vanilla and chocolate raised donuts waiting for me at the kitchen table. So many memories attached to the word Tim Hortons. Cant help but feel warm and cozy inside.

To answer the question: I am excited and happy of course to have Timmy’s close to us here and it being part of our lives again.  I really hope it has the same effect and feeling in the States. Timmy’s for me is home.

Below is a link to the article I initially read with all the interesting detail of the merger 🙂