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I am just amazed at these kids’ thirst for knowledge and their longing for education.  Car pool lane and school bus ate merely luxuries that we take for granted living in the states.


After coming across this I started searching for education and schools in different parts of the world.  Having 2 school going age kids and as a mother, I feel for them wanting to educate their children– because they need to, that hopefully by doing so they will make a better life for themselves.  These pictures and stories will leave you heart broken.  So I thought what can I do? How can I help them?

While searching I came across some foundations/sites that are trying to help with this cause.

1.    http://www.schoolsforafrica.org

Schools for Africa supports 13 countries through UNICEF education programs.

2. The Citizens Foundation (TCF).
They had a you tube story on their work and what they do.  Posted a link below.  It’s about a town called “Machchar” colony–meaning mosquito, built on top of a Swamp.  TCF built a school in this colony.  Have to see the video to believe.

NBC Report — Education in Pakistan.avi: http://youtu.be/u9tV9LhlOLg

3. Worldfund


“Our vision is for every child in Latin America to benefit from exceptional educators who inspire them to learn the skills necessary for dignified work and life. ”

I am sure there are many such foundations and organizations that are helping educating our future generations around the world.  If you know any, please comment below.